The Degrassi locker picture (◡‿◡✿)

maybe this baby will be emma nelson 2.0 when they start degrassi the next NEXT generation in approximately 14 years from now.


yo writers i thought we were friends, man

Anonymous said:
Plot twist the baby is jakes

plot twist the baby is darcy


stephen stohn has put eclare in every single finale..

i think he’s holding onto something that most of us have moved on from and he just can’t.

like let it go man, let go of eclare.

petition to bring back gigantic instead of the new degrassi episodes they keep pulling out of their asses

to be quite frank if degrassi were reality, clare would have moved on with eli’s mickey mouse bullshit ages ago and eli would be a free spirit in college fucking different girls every single night.

scratch gif battles, i’m soooo down for a drinking game when season 14 comes back.

only if gif battles can be a drinking game (collegiate degrassi fans unite)