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alright, it’s final. i’m making a gossip girl blog.

debating on becoming a multifandom but then again what am i gonna gif.

Also they made Bianca strangely cold like she was fairly sensitive to Drew's feelings but she was very detached in a way that made me even sadder especially compared to his intense love and grief and wanting her to be happy and he looked so miserable and she... didn't.

Like I said I didn’t watch the episode nor do I really care to.. just because they turned my baby and its relationship completely OOC. I know people in college who are really happy in long distance relationships.. rare but true it does happen.

i miss you guys too.. but honestly i’m really sad to say that while i’ll still scroll through my dashboards.. my tumblr phase is pretty much done with :(

miss you, you were always one of my favourite people in this fandom but that stupid show is making everyone run away
Very sad and very angry and feel ill. The sad thing is I know she had to have hated doing that episode since they ship them more than most of us. One day I hope Luke and Alicia do another project together because they are magic on screen and they really are great friends and they have great chemistry and they seem to adore working together so yes. I'll support both their projects post-Degrassi but I'm done. for real.

It’s just shit writing at this point. They say they get their ideas from the characters and their personalities help them to write the way they do, lol bullshit. You have too many characters to keep up with you don’t know them at all and you rely on fans and their ships (cough cough eclare will never be destroyed let’s just be clear) not on the actual character development or characters at all. Like I’m about to be a writing major and honestly if they need new writers.. I’d be happy to help make this show be about what it used to.. not just abusive, stalker love and love triangles and guns and emos and what the fuck ever. Degrassi was real life once, then they got the idea in their heads to make everyone have fucking problems, and yeah while we all have fucking problems, this has just gone too far and too unrealistic. Sometimes people go throughout high school with no problems at all, but then again, that wouldn’t be interesting, although it would definitely be better than the shit they’re putting out now and with that I am done with this rant.

this is why i do miss this fandom. we can all bond over how shitty degrassi is now

I agree with every word tbh degrassi has just been in the dumps lately cause they keep the wrong characters and let go of the ones we need now they’re just a sad excuse of a television show I’m p sure the only reason it’s still on air is to keep jobs

also no i didn’t watch the episode but i was curious to find out what happened and all you lovely peeps have made that possible so thank you :)

lol hello again.

oh did eclare not break up?

oh but are we surprised?

idk i’m so god damn done with this show that the hardcore drianca shipper in me doesn’t even really care that they broke up though.

like of course i care but i’m so done with the show and have been for a while that i won’t cry about it or make a fuss cause like in my eyes they’re still together.

it’s just a shitty way to write off alicia though tbh. can’t wait to see her future projects.. hopefully a lot better than this shit of a show.

anyone else has some input though?

lol so degrassi’s turned to shit.

the plots are so sad.

it’s just cheating plots now like sometimes couples just end. why does cheating have to be the deterinant.

anyway yeah my blog is forever on hiatus byr